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Many times I hear from clients that they have no idea what to budget for their event. The answer is simple. Sit down and figure out what is important to you.  Maybe you want an over the top floral piece or an amazing cake. Write down each item you will need for event and then give each a number with 1 being top priority.  This list will help us to help you spend your money wisely.

Just as benchmark: the average wedding costs between $15-$25,000 in Colorado.  This can go lower or higher depending on several key factors:  1. How big is your guest list?  The more people you invite, the more you will need in terms of food and alcohol.   2. Time of year.  Are you planning an event around a major holiday?  Cost for flowers in particular will always be higher around Valentine's Day and Mother's Day.  3. If you are planning a wedding, a larger wedding party will drive up your costs as well. 4. While we know Pinterest is a really great planning tool, it can create unrealistic expectations.  Certain things are going to cost more such as a really elaborate cake or large floral pieces.  We can help you figure out the perfect look for your wedding while staying within your budget if you go in armed with this knowledge.